How to use the travel mentality to 10X your productivity

When I travel, I've noticed that I have very little down time. If I'm in an Uber, I'm checking emails. If I'm on an airplane, I am catching up on Audiobooks, learning a new skill. When the night is done, it's usually much later then I would head to bed if I were at home, and the time from when I am ready for bed and when I actually get to sleep is much shorter. 

Every spare minute is used more efficiently. This morning I was listening to a Gary Vaynerchuck video and got to thinking about why it's easier to be more productive/efficient with time while traveling.

It's simple: There are less opportunities to be comfortable. 

At home or your normal workspace, you've spent days/weeks/years making it as comfortable as possible. While on the road, it's down to the bare essentials to keep moving. 

In that video I mentioned earlier, Gary was talking about finding more hours in the day.

“Stop watching entire seasons of House of Cards,
— Gary Vaynerchuck

So treat life like you're on the road, because you are. This is not your destination. Where ever you are right now, is temporary. If you want to go somewhere better or closer to where you want to go next, GET TO WORK.