EDM: Monthly Listening Pleasures

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has swept the nation and for the first time "Techno" is mainstream. I've been a techno/electro/d&b/house music fan since 2000 and am so excited to see it expanding and evolving at this rate. 

Everyone has their own flavor that satisfies their ear tastes. Me? I love freaking massive house anthems and deep house music. I admit, I do enjoy some of the more "pop-y" tracks from Guetta and Avicii... but who doesn't have a guilty pleasure?

Here is what I've been listening to for the past month or so. I'll be posting my curated list of live mixes and new track release each month.


June '14 Listening Pleasures

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) was this month so I've been enjoying the live mixes that have been posted. Skrillex also had an AMAZING show at Red Rocks, CO. Enjoy 

Eric Prydz - Live - (Electric Daisy Carnival) EDC 2014

My inspiration to start writing this came from right around 00:47:00. Huge energy, massive anthems

Skrillex - Live @ Red Rocks - 2014 Mothership Tour

Say what you will about Skrillex - But I like some of his stuff and LOVE his live shows. The dude knows how to perform. 

Knife Party - Live - (Electric Daisy Carnival) EDC 2014

Not one of my favorite sets - a bit too hard/broken for me. Still post worthy.

Calvin Harris - Live - (Electric Daisy Carnival) EDC 2014

Calvin always finds his way in...

DJ SNAKE - Live - (Electric Daisy Carnival) EDC 2014

DJ SNAKE is the producer that brought us "Turn down for what" and I would not peg him for the main stage of EDC. His crazy blend of rap vocals and hard beats was killer. This is my favorite this month. 

That's it! More coming in the next few weeks.