Exercise is fitness, Food is health.

I forget who said this, but it's very true.

Fitness and Health are the two ingredients to create vitality. Without vitality, quality of life is nonexistent. If you don't have the energy to live your life, what's the point?

I've really started paying more attention to my health for the past three years. But only recently have I made it an absolute priority when I started listening to the Joe Rogan Experience a few months back. He is huge into Kale shakes, Nootropics and other "body hacks" Tim Ferriss style. 

For what ever reason, I just started trying a lot of what he was talking about on the show. I have never had this much energy in my entire life. Absolutely massive amount of motivation, energy, and eagerness to kick ass and take names. 

Long story short, it breaks down to this: 

Kale shakes

2013-03-12 08.06.17.jpg



Drink your Kale shakes so you can eat your cupcakes.