Sugar Rocket Project: Part 1

Rockets are cool. It's encoded in every young man's DNA to be fascinated with fire and making things that go fast.

After joining a local hackerspace recenter (MakeIt Labs), I saw that I had the simple means to create a small rocket completely from scratch. After a quick trip to a local farm supply store, I had everything I need to cook up a batch of fuel. 

After a few "Walter White" jokes about cooking and chemistry, I completed my test batch of solid rocket fuel. The results of my test clearly stated that I should have payed more attention in class and following directions really does matter. Thankfully, there was another member there (Jason), who helped me get my mix ratio more accurate as well as adding another vital component that I had previously prepared incorrectly. 

Jason and I are now working on perfecting our cook methods and fuel mix rate for this size motor. If we successfully launch this rocket, it looks like it will be a world record for smallest Rcandy powered solid fuel rocket (>28mm).

Here are some random photos for the moment - Still getting everything organized. Stay tuned for a more complete and liner photo tour!

I will say this now: We took many safety precautions and were very aware of the dangers that come with these materials. PLEASE do not try this. Things can go very wrong very quickly. If you insist, all I can say is seek out someone that has prior knowledge that can guide you in the process if this is your first time.