How Facebook is Stealing Your Personal Brand


I wake up every morning and walk to my computer before anything else (coffee might be an exception). Naturally I open my browser, click Facebook, drink my coffee, and wiz down the page. I stop to read all the little saying and "posts of brilliance". If I really like it, I might even share it on my wall. Everyone else assumes that the person I shared that status from is is the creator of the content, and thus giving them credit for that little moment of joy.

This is what builds "personal brands" in the Facebook world.

It's not books, or PBS specials that people pay attention to  anymore. It's not a radio ads, newspapers, or magazines. Its little status updates blasted off from a phone.

Posting your general insights or content on Facebook no longer makes it your content because of the over sharing and "I posted that first" factor. Instead try posting things of actual value to your blog and sharing your articles that contains your content. This dramatically increases the impact your brand has along with the credit to you as the creator.

Why build Facebook's traffic and ad revenue when you could build your own?