Juicing: Starting the habit

I've been interested in juicing for quite a long time and have finally picked up a juicer! Two of my favorite people in NH, Becky & Michelle, have been juicing for ever and are always talking about it. This, combined with my experience taking wheatgrass shots at various events I've worked, made it a must to get started.

...and now I'm addicted.

The actual juicer I bought is made for wheatgrass, but after my visit to Charlotte, NH, my friends showed me that it clearly can handle almost any produce. Thank you to Stephen Coyle for recommending this one to me. You can find it here on Amazon for $49. 

I am staying with my good friend Peter in LA while I get on my feet. After a trip to the grocery store, we had a some fun with cameras and three or four wireless flashes. 

Above is the juicer, post produce massacre. This thing is a TANK. I've thrown everything from carrots, beets, apples, down to fists full of kale. It take it all in like a champ and delivers amazing quality juice.

I just couldn't throw this out until I took a photo. I had three or four towels  I used to clean up and they were all beautifully tie-dyed. 

I'd love to see people's juice recipes. Comment or message some to me if you're a juicer! (not steroids.)