LA Roadtrip: Day 12

The Grand Canyon... Wow. I admit that I never really understood why it was one of the "Wonders of the World". 

As I drove into the park, there were signs reading "Viewing Area 20 Miles". I took the right hand turn and settled in for the short trip to the viewing area. As soon as I rounded the first bend, the trees opened up to a view of the Southern Rim... 

I was speechless. 

The moment that I came into this view and the when I first walked into the Saturn V building are the first two moments of true "awe" that I've ever experienced. 

I only spent about 30 minutes in the canyon and then headed down into Sedona, AZ. 


I finished the day out with an incredible drive down Rt 179 though the Arizona mountains. 

Still in a rush to get to LA for tonight - I have 1,700 more photos to go through.

On the home stretch.