LA Roadtrip: Day 2



Before leaving the area, Nick took me over to some old Revolutionary War battlefields. It was an incredible thing to see, these simple mounds of dirt that helped win America's freedom. 

There is a different kind of patriotism down here. It's not a "FUCK YEAH. AMERICA. BUDWEISER. FOOTBALL" mentality. It's a respect for our founders, history, and where we all came from. It's about real freedom and what it takes to keep and maintain it. 



Today was a short 5.5 hour drive from Yorktown, VA to Charlotte, NC. This was my view for the majority of the drive. For the first 2-3 hours I only saw 10 other cars on the highway. I've been very lucky so far not to hit an ounce of traffic. 

"The easier the drive, the longer it seems..."



This is my current streaming setup. I used these awesome rubberized solid wires to create a very makeshift dash mount. But hey... It's hands free and that's what counts!


End of the day, crossing the North Carolina border. Starting to get pretty tired of the road. We shall see what the next few days hold.

I'm slowing my pace down and going to Atlanta, GA instead of pushing through to New Orleans. I'm in no rush. I tend to push hard against what ever I am working on. I need to remember to work hard at relaxing too...

Time to go eat ribs.