LA Roadtrip: Step 1 - Planning

On Monday April 7th I'll be moving to Los Angeles with my backpack, one suitcase, and a box of kitchen things.

I've had the good fortune to be able to travel for work over the past few years. While sitting in a hotel one night, this idea came over me:

I'm the most productive when living out of hotels. I have only what I need, and more importantly, have to do without. 

Once the opportunity of moving to LA came up, I realized this was my chance to make a move to the minimalist lifestyle.

I've sold everything I own except for one box of childhood "stuff" that I'll put in storage. I am only taking my daily electronics, a suitcase, and a box of kitchen supplies. The kitchen supplies are my exception to "Hotel Living" as I love to cook and it saves a ton of money. Also, hotel's don't usually have a kitchen. 

The Plan:

- Salem, NH to Los Angeles, California -

Stopping in Mint Hill, NC to visit the entertaining Stephen Coyle. 

Spending a day & night in New Orleans

Launching over to Mission Control with "NASA" Joe for a day in Texas

Still driving through Texas.....

Finding the truth (and maybe Mulder) in Roswell, NM

Visiting the Grand Canyon for a few hours

Hurtling down to party town in Phoenix, AZ to visit the hilarious Andrew Tarzia

...getting my radar love on till the sun comes up.

Stay tuned.