My yearly WWDC ritual

Since 2006 (when I started obsessing on WWDC), I've felt like I have a second Christmas in June. The anticipation, the hope, the joy, and the realization that I will soon be enjoying what ever it is Steve is handing down from Olympus in my very own home. This is unlike the unveiling of some new super car that 99% of the world will never get to experience. This is what makes it so special, these amazing feats of technology  are for the everyday man (or woman).

I usually stay up all hours of the night before reading rumor sites and take in all the crazy ideas people have (along with their creative photos of what these new products could look like). Next morning I boot up my Macbook Pro and pop up Mail to blast off a few emails letting people know that I will be unavailable from 1:00pm to 2:30pm (I'm on EST).

Next I hit twitter. Twitter seems to explode with people that know exactly whats coming out and are sure that this is the year the iPhone comes to Verizon (I think this year they actually may be right). This usually takes me to about 11:30am and now the heat is really on. I can't start something new for lack of time, and I've already read everything I can find online... So I wait and anticipate, most likely end up on YouTube to waste that last hour (or in this case write a blog post about it).

Then around 12:50 I get my game face on. Turn off the phones. Sign out of all my messengers and close my mail. Grab a nice healthy snack or throw a quick sandwich together. Im ready.

After that it's just a tornado of metaphorical wapping paper as they unveil the great Apple Secrets of the year. And now it's almost time, wish the world luck.