Sugar Rocket Project: Thrust Meter

We have the fuel mixture down to what we *think* we need to achieve the proper lift for our rocket. The next step in the process is to actually measure the output of our motor. To do this, we need to create a device that will continuously capture data from the motor during a test burn. 

A few things I am keeping in mind:

  • RCandy fuel burns at 2372-2552+/- F depending on preparation method and additives. That is well above any operating temperatures for the electronics that we are using
  • Home made rocket motors do blow up, on occasion. We need to be sure our equipment is safe not just from heat, but concussive force as well as debris from an explosion.
  • We aren't actually sure how much force this will generate. We assume somewhere between 40 and 150lbs. (I will ask Jason for the Newton conversion)

So from all of that, we are creating this:

There will be much testing needed to calibrate this and get it working reliably. Stay tuned for results!