Rules are meant to be...

When asked to complete the following statement, what is your response?

Rules are meant to be

Broken? Followed? Bent? Created?

The answer to this question will shape the results of your entire life. I am a part of the first generation to grow up "on the internet" and such,  have adopted the "pirate mentality". We steal music, movies, games, anything on the internet is free for the taking. Anything we want is an instant click away. There are even hundreds of studies showing that piracy or "open sharing" support and fosters growth in these industries. 

I am not commenting on the rights and wrongs of internet piracy, I am speaking to the rules and values it has created for our generation. Rules that say "that doesn't apply to me", "why pay for it when I can steal it for free". Well we are all now in our mid twenties and you can't steal a house, car or 401k. So instead, we just don't bother. Or worse say we don't care because we don't believe that we can ever follow the rules it would take to get those things. 

Then there are societies rules. "You have to go to college", "you have to get married and buy a house", "You need a good job or you're worthless". These rules won't land you in jail, but because of our social conditioning will lead to something much worse. Something "plaguing" the free world. Depression. When someone doesn't live up to societies blueprint, it equals depression. But good news they'll say. We have pills for that! (this is another topic and I'm not going there)

In reality rules are meant to be followed, but you can also choose to create new ones. You can avoid depression and get everything you ever wanted. Just change or create new rules that let you do it.