Tony, Gary, Tim, Seth (and Mike)

I've been on a personal improvement/professional development kick for about 8 years, but really hard core for the past 6 months. After going to a Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event in March, its been more of an obsession to get life on track. I came out of UPW2010 with huge goals and expectations for myself and of those waiting at home... Despite my over abundance of driver and energy, coming home to all the old habits proved too much to resist. I knew this would be the case before I left and took action to ensure the large amount of my money my father and I spent on the event. I hired a Robbins Coach!

I have to say hiring a success coach is something I always thought foolish. For the amount they cost, you could probably fix a lot of what you are trying to accomplish... This is not true.

Mike (my coach) is amazing. There is so much more value in hiring someone to coach you than just the guidance they give you (although it is mighty helpful!). Some of the resources he has pointed me towards (ex: The Four-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss) have changed my life and those around me.

I've really been following four people to get my fix:

Tony Robbins ( Been listening, reading and researching since I was 11 years old when my father first bought one of his tapes. If you want to make lasting changes, start here. He will lay a great foundation for the rest of your life changes I'm sure will follow.

Gary Vaynerchuck ( Opened my eyes to real personal branding. Something more people should be taking advantage of!

Tim Ferriss ( ( Changed the way I look at life, business and people. I've shared this book with over 10 people and they all have said the same. I HIGHLY recommend this read.

Seth Godin ( This man is amazing. I try and read everything he posts because I can always take something away and apply it immediately. He has many books out and they are all on my list.

There are many many more worth while people with amazing and valid ideas, these guys just fit for me.