Why being stuck is the best place to be

I am not a factory worker, nor do I wish to be one. 

As Seth Godin says in this video, the modern school system (modern is used loosely here) was created to produce factory workers. It's not so much about learning but about learning how to produce.

I recently had a great conversation with Chris McMullen on my podcast, you can check out here (it's in the last hour or so)

When I was in High School, I skipped a lot of classes to walk around the campus and play with cameras from my TV Production class. I didn't do much of my homework because I was working at my father's business as well as starting my own. I have made more money, connections, and firmly believe that I have a much better ability to thrive in any situation because of this.  

The world is not a row of desks with one person sitting at the front of the room, here is no text book or curriculum to study from. Society is the teacher, your experiences are the textbook, and you'll find the curriculum inside your mind. Ricky Gervais did a short video for YouTube's Comedy Week that actually reminds illustrates a funny version of this. 

The video is a satire on teaching guitar. He starts by saying "I am not going to teach you the guitar, you're going to teach you the guitar". In reality, this is a far better method. You should teach you, and then ask questions. 

Seth brings up Arduino and Raspberry Pi and explains that kids should create things in school. Both of these amazing devices are only $25 each and the scope of what you can create is limited to your imagination. All you need is a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. All three things are in almost every classroom and home in America. Within 5 minutes, you have a fully functional Linux computing system and a programmable micro-controller at your fingertips.

In the process of creating something that flashes LED's or a motion detector with an alarm, the kids learn programming, electrical engineering, and a bunch of other really useful skills just by creating a little gadget. The point is to just start off on an adventure to create something cool, and then ask when you are really stuck. 

So, go do something until you get stuck. Society is here when you have a question.