Cole acts as a shepherd for digital projects, taking them from idea, to concept, to functional product, right into the hands of the world. He has an innate ability to identify, evaluate, and simplify solutions to complex problems, and communicate those solutions in a way others can easily understand. Regardless of shifting technologies, Cole has the ability to cultivate highly specific solutions to any level of vision, scope, or needs. Whether on mobile, tablet, web or other, his skill set allows him to develop solutions that accentuate the power, usage and connectivity of any digital exposure or brand presence for any market at any time. Cole constructs the bridge over the gap between an idea and the end user.

Over the past decade, Cole has studied every business, sales, and technology book within reach. He has run three companies, been Lead Technical Manager on a tour across the country, had the pleasure of working on projects for Anthony Robbins Companies, FOX, HGTV, Cirque du Soleil, and AOL, as well as managing personal development events with 5000+ participants across the US & internationally.

His experience in the live event, film, business, and marketing worlds allow him to lead and manage a stellar team of creatives, developers, and skilled producers.


I offer my services as follows:

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